Sunday, December 21, 2008


A reminder to myself to write something some day about the worst writer in the history of TV and movies, Aaron Sorkin.

And I say this without watching a single episode of The West Wing. No, Sorkin earned my opinion with the god-awful Sports Night, perhaps the worst show I've ever seen on network TV.

Ok, I don't mean worse than some early FOX sitcoms or 80's network shoot-em-up dramas, both of which were frequently all kinds of stupid. I mean worse in the sense that critics loved it, worse in the sense that it was marketed as intelligent and witty. Worse in that it was horrible in its ambition; and worse in that it so completely failed to impress on its own terms. Worse in that it was composed of the smarmiest dialogue I'd ever heard in my life -- and I've been around a lot of flaky, "quirky" people whose sole talent is their ability to annoy. Fuck Aaron Sorkin.