Monday, December 19, 2005

The Despicable

Or, otherwise wingnutty.

Ace of Debased

American Speculum

The American Phalange

Anal Thouse

Anntichrist Coulter^^

Apparatchiks On Parade

Astroturfing For Lysenkoism

Assholes & Elbows In The Sausage of Wingnuttery

The Basement Dweller

Big Hollowheads

The Big Lie

Boortz' Snorts

Bull Shit

Canada's Leading Asshole**

Cathy's World of Self-Pity, Resentment, and Condescension

Clay-Eating White Trash


The Cornhole^

Crack Pipes

The Crank

Crapitalism Magazine

Crap 'N' Quaaludes

Crazy Davey Horowitz


Disinherit This Foundation

Dr. Inanity

Dredge, Purport

Donald Douchebag


Fake Titty Randroid Bimbot Committee

The Fascist Party

Finger Bang


Freepers, Creepers


Hate Air^^^


Kaus Hackula^^


La Loonan^^

Liberal In Name Only

Likely Teh 5uxx0r

Literary Gangsters

The Little Green American Bund

A Man Named Stacy

The Marble Douchebag

Max Jingo

Mikey Come Lately, the 10th rate Hitchens


Modern Eugenicist

Moonies R Us

The Money Pit

More Jew Than You

Moses Whine*

Murdoch's Minions



No-Clue America

Optimistically Titled

The Penguiness

The Pod's Putzes

Polluting The Airwaves

The Pompous Pornographer


Pork Swords Crossed

Praxis of Weasel

Propertarian Graffiti

Protein Jizzdom

Queen of the Randroids

Red Sonja of the Militia Set

The Runts

Rush Needs Flushed

Shut-In Von Clausewitz*

Silicone, Collagen and Stupidity

Slouching Towards Internment

Social Darwinism Wears Prada

Sour Krauthammer****

Spineless: Or, Marty Parrots Meir Kahane

Sully The Pooh^

Town & Country & Chickenhawkery

Triangulations 'R' Us

Troglodyte Gruntings

Trying To Count***

Useless Idiots

Virgin Ben*

The Virtual Gulch - "'A' is 'A'"

The Volokh Degeneracy


Yoest Infections

Zhdanovian Hacks

* - Stolen From TBOGG
** - Stolen From Harry Hutton
*** - Stolen From Sadly, No!
**** - Stolen From James Wolcott
^ - Stolen From Andrew Northrup
^^ - Stolen From Roger Ailes
^^^ - Stolen From Dr. Sebly F. No