Sunday, October 12, 2008

What A Dickhead

The sight of peaceful protesters holding a candlelight vigil is too much for G. Gordon Liddy to endure. From Will:

A number of my colleagues and I had to work late so we went to supper nearby. As we returned to the main Treasury building's Fifteenth Street entrance, I had just put a fresh cigar in my mouth when we found our way into the building blocked by a stream of people, four abreast, walking down the sidewalk carrying lighted candles as a symbol of protest. Leading the way for my comrades, I shouldered into the stream and across the path of a large man. I was disgusted by this display of support for the enemies of our country and expressed it by seizing the man's wrist and pulling his candle flame up to my cigar to light it.

"There, you useless son of a bitch," I growled, "at least now you've been good for something!"