Thursday, October 23, 2008

Racial Preferences and Dirty Tricks

What a case study Gordon Liddy is. I've already documented some aspects of his Naziphilia, but the totality of it astounds me. He has Nazi-inspired or -reinforced reasons for doing all sorts of things; he's even got a personal Nuremburg Law for sexual attraction. I've read an interview which I can't at the moment access where Liddy explains what kind of woman he wanted when he decided it was time to get married. He's only attracted to the Anglo-Saxon type, and insists that any potential mate be of similar "stock". So that's how Liddy picked his wife, now let's see how it influenced him as matchmaker. Also, while we're at it, let's note how he scouted for thugs to plant inside antiwar demonstrations (one of the dirty tricks Liddy and Hunt concocted was to hire hoodlums to beat-up leftists):

Hunt enlisted the aid of Bernard Barker and we traveled to Miami to interview men for our counterdemonstrator and antiriot squad, along with several prostitute candidates for use at the Democratic convention. The men were exactly what I was looking for: tough, experienced, and loyal. When I got through talking to them, some with the aid of interpretation, the leader spoke to Barker in Spanish. He looked at me and held out both hands with his fingers spread and curved like talons. Nodding his head at me he said something to Barker that included "El Halcon." Barker laughed. Afterward I asked Barker what the man had said. "He called you a falcon," said Barker, making the same clutching gesture, "the bird other birds fear." It became my code name.

Thus the Cuban criminals and sociopaths recognized one of their own kind.

Howard Hunt and I interviewed about a dozen men. Afterward Howard told me that between them they had killed twenty-two men, including two hanged from a beam in a garage. Our experience with the prostitutes was not good. Hunt and Barker kept recruiting dark-haired and -complexioned Cuban women. They were very good-looking, but their English left something to be desired. I was not sure they'd be suitable for the purposes I intended: posing as idly rich young women so impressed by men of power they would let themselves be picked up at parties and bars by Democratic staffers who, in the course of boasting of their own importance, would disclose valuable information. Hunt took the position that what the seduced men had to say would be tape-recorded anyway. I wanted to be able to call upon the memories of the women for what was said at locations other than those we had bugged. I was also affected by my own bias. Because I would be more attracted to Northern Europeans, I assumed fair women would be more successful and rejected those selected. Finally, having despaired of seeing other than the dark and sultry type from the Cubans, I retained, sight unseen except for professional photographs, two stunning Anglo-Saxon women recruited by Barker's associate Frank Sturgis.