Monday, October 13, 2008

Hte Hippies Make Me All Uh-Scurred

Gordon Liddy was on his way out of the Treasury Department, and on his way into the Plumbers' Department. But before he went to work for Bud Krogh, he paid a visit to Don Santarelli at John Mitchell's Justice Department. Liddy's almost salivating as he describes the scene (in Will):

The atmosphere in Washington was tense; just how tense I didn't realize fully until I got to Justice. Half a million demonstrators were in town, the vanguard of an announced huge mob of left-wing types who had vowed to shut down the nation's capital on the greatest holiday of the Communist world, May Day, 1 May.

My credentials got me through the GSA guards at the side door and, as I started my way toward Santarelli's office, I discovered just how sharp the struggle had become with those who had lost the 1968 election and wanted to reverse that result by any means. The corridors of the Justice Department building intersect at acute angles. At those angles, where they could sweep two corridors at once, there were uniformed infantry behind crew-served automatic weapons -- belt-fed light machineguns. Any of the mob who managed to overwhelm the GSA guards and enter the building to "shut it down" would be cut to pieces by machinegun fire. Nobody fucked with John Mitchell.

Amazing, isn't it, how a bunch of hippies, armed with cardboard posters and marijuana, were such a physical threat to besieged, machine gun-armed government types, huh?