Wednesday, October 10, 2007

War Is The Force That Gives Meaning


[F]rom the moment the "global war on terror" was christened, there's been a breed of intellectual who has glommed onto it for a kind of energizing world-historical play-acting. May you live in interesting times, the Chinese curse has it. But for some of us, it seems, our times are not sufficiently interesting. Orwell couldn't have been Orwell if he hadn't had around Fascism and Communism and fellow-traveling intellectuals -- things that were quite a bummer to live through but did generate a lot of good writing. So without those big ticket isms, how will we be able to compare? And thus the constant effort to puff up the times we live in, because if they're great then we can be too.

This applies to most Liberal Hawks and neocons, but especially Christopher Hitchens.