Friday, August 10, 2007

Somebody Had To Say It

And I'm glad it fell to Atrios, so a huge amount of people could read it:

Christ, Focus On The Record

Not having seen it I offer up no opinion on what Richardson did or should have said, and I don't offer this up as any kind of defense.

But in general terms, focusing on the record is something we should do more instead of trying to divine what's in the souls of candidates. There are reasons for doing the latter, as past performance is no guarantee of future returns, but ultimately it doesn't really matter what politicians think about things deep in their hearts. Bill Richardson can think (not saying he does) that homosexuality is an abomination which will be punished by an eternity in hell, as long as he's pushing for policies which provide gays and lesbians with equal rights.

-Atrios 05:08

I don't remember people freaking out over Kerry -- or Mario Cuomo, for that matter -- saying he personally thought abortion was wrong. It didn't matter. His policies were what mattered, and they were gonna be pro-choice. This silly push for perfection by certain folks in the LGBT movement is going to drive away people who are otherwise sympathetic to their cause. I agree that Richarson is wrong for believing what he does, but who gives a shit? As long as his policies are right, what he believes ont he nature and origin of homosexuality doesn't really matter unless you're such a purist you make it matter.

Once again, Over-invested Identity Politics.