Sunday, August 12, 2007

Know Your Wingnut Taxonomy: Jingoes

"War is the force that gives them strength..." You know the litany. War-mongering as the highest virtue has always been a conviction of wingnuts, but in the current War on Terra climate, it's the overriding conviction among them, and shared unanimously.

In their hierarchy of values, the cause of war is that to which all other concerns are subordinate.

Their ultimate aim is the Freikorpsization of American society; their main tactic is to inculcate fear and hatred among the populace; they are always searching for a new enemy to demonize so that a "long war" may be manufactured or an existing or incidental small war may be inflamed into a crusade.

Like all proto- or crypto-fascist movements, masculinity is made a political fetish and the leader who best demagogues for war is the leader who is endowed with a Cult-like following and who is also and invariably designated the "most manly".

All wingnuts, more or less, are like this. But some make it their specialty. Such notable jingoes include Max Boot, Rich Lowry, and Marshall Whittman.