Saturday, August 18, 2007

Know Your Wingnut Taxonomy: Dickheads

Until George W. Bush, Richard Nixon was rightly known as the worst President ever. But Dubya didn't climb to the height of infamy on his own, oh no: he was helped considerably by people, Dickheads, who started in or served with Dirty Dick's organization. In other words, it took the influence of the Master himself, through the Dickheads, to put Dear Leader George over the top. Put still another way, Bushism is Nixonism gone feral.

Dickheads are everywhere! Richard Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were veterans of the Nixon regime and its Mark II version, the Ford administration. Karl Rove as a lad learned his dark craft at the knee of Nixon's Lord of Dirty Tricks, Donald Segretti. Lucianne Goldberg, a Nixonite mole in George McGovern's campaign entourage, now runs a pro-Bush internet echo-chamber (and, of course, she is known as the thing that shat noted Bush cultist Doughy Pantload into the world). G. Gordon Liddy, Watergate burglar, Hitler-lover, and would-be assassin of journalists, brags on television about the size of Bush's penis. Chuck Colson, author of Nixon's shit list and eventual Watergate felon, went on to advise Bush about "faith-based" initiatives. Pat Buchanan, a Nixon speechwriter, opposed Bush's crusade in Mesopotamia but endorsed him for president. William Safire, another Nixon speechwriter, used his pulpit in the New York Times to cheer Bush's every move. Henry Kissinger, Nixon's Secretary of State and fellow war criminal, advises Bush on foreign policy. Ben Stein, yet another Nixon speechwriter, pontificates on the virtues of Dear Leader in the virtual pages of the American Spectator.