Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Zenith of Rightwing Lysenkoism

The Clothes Have No Emperor, pg 48:

Say Watt?

"I think he's an environmentalist himself, as I think I am."
--President-elect Reagan on his Interior Secretary-designate

"We will mine more, drill more, cut more timber."
--James Watt summarizing his plans

"I never use the words Democrats and Republicans. It's Liberals and Americans."
--James Watt revealing one of his semantic rules

"Maybe we can get Mrs. Reagan to wear a coyote coat."
--James Watt expressing his opinion that coyotes should be killed off

"I speak in black-and-white terms without much gray in my life. I see problems without the complexity that is confusing to a lot of people."
--James Watt explaining that he sees things "in simple terms"

"A left-wing cult dedicated to bringing down the type of government I believe in."
--James Watt describing environmentalists.

"I think Americans now have the best Secretary of the Interior they've ever had."
--James Watt defending his policies on Nightline