Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Frum & Perle: Twenty

AETE, pps 80-81: Very good and very bad. First, the good:

There has been much debate since 9/11 about the need for "profiling" to catch potential terrorists without forcing law-abiding travelers to stand in long lines. In our view, ethnic profiling -- looking for people with Muslim-sounding names or Middle Eastern facial features -- is a divisive and humiliating waste of time.

But now for the bad, the enemy within:

Just as the communists were once aided by fellow travelers who endorsed their program and condoned their crimes, so Islamic extremists may find fellow travelers in the non-Muslim West. Indeed, they are already finding them. David Frum stood under the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral on Easter Monday 2003 and heard a minister of the Church of England preach a sermon extolling Rachel Corrie as a model of Christian courage and self-sacrifice[.]