Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Frum & Perle: Twenty-One

AETE pg 82, where F & P laud the genuinely creepy:

There are new surveillance techniques that make it possible to monitor behavior indicative of terrorism without compromising the privacy of the individuals engaged in the behavior if they should later prove to be innocent. New data assembly techniques can pull together inside a computer an individual's credit history, his recent movements, his immigration status and personal background, his age and sex, and a hundred other pieces of information and present them to the analyst -- without the analyst or any other human being ever knowing the individual's identity. The dossier of data would be assigned a case number, and stringent internal codes and controls would hermetically segregate the dossier's number from the name of the person to whom the dossier referred. Only if the dossier gave probably cause to investigate further would investigators seek a warrant to permit the name and the data to be joined together, and then to authorise further surveillance. This is profiling as it ought to be done: not an excuse for descrimination, but an attempt to concentrate scarce police resources at points of greatest danger.[Emphasis, and either breathtaking naivete or blatant dishonesty in original.]