Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Frum & Perle: Nineteen

AETE pg 78: Justifying TIPS specifically and citizen-snooping in general neatly segues into a recounting of the neocon dream: the thorough militarization of society. And this is done with the most hackneyed, blasphemous analogy. All citizens must perform their role in the War of Terror, just as they did back when......:

When we summon to memory the heroes of World War II, we think not only of the fighting men on the front line, but also of the air-raid wardens of the battle of Britain and the good citizens on the home front who donated their aluminum pots and pans to the war effort, went without tires and fresh meat, and invested every spare dollar in war bonds. We have to cast off once and for all the 1970s cynicism that sneered from the back of the classroom at the joiner and the volunteer -- and reacquire our admiration for the citizen who does his or her part.

The 70s reference is quintessential David Frum, but more on that some other time.