Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Frumage: The Prophet

Digging for dirt in David Frum's atrocious What's Right (1996). After an extended round of fellatio performed in the service of profiling Newt Gingrich, Frummy concludes with this (pp. 7):

Ironically enough, Gingrich's most attractive feature is how resolutely unlovable he remains. A tough operator, a master of the workings of modern representative politics, a man of ideas and a subversively high level of culture -- that's Gingrich. He is not a man to make Bill Clinton's mistake of confusing feeling with doing. Which is why, unlike his soon-to-be-utterly-forgotten Clinton, Newt Gingrich -- at whichever end of Pennsylvania Avenue he resides -- is poised to dominate American politics for a generaton.