Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hey You

Lil help?

The Mark Steyn Wingnut All-Star post is one of the very few things I've done here of which I'm proud. Almost immediately after I posted it and Johann Hari linked to it, it was linked as a reference -- rightfully, in my admittedly subjective opinion -- at Steyn's wikipedia entry by someone whose IP address showed to be in Great Britain.

There it stayed all this time. When I revised the post and wrote an addendum to it, the original permalink changed, so I did revise the wiki accordingly -- which, I think, was ethical (I'm a wikipedia novice).

I'd been getting about 15 hits a day from the link by people who, it appeared from the number of reloads, read the post through.

All of which changed when this pecksniff -- yes -- douchebag excised my link on the grounds that "nothing against blog references but one that describes the subject as a 'douchebag' is probably not adding much to the discussion."

So this douchebag didn't even read through the post. Also note that he's an especially virulent wingnut from the looks of his personal page: his heros include Milton Friedman, John Rambo, Darth Vader and, yes, Mark Steyn.

From what I understand (I told you I'm a novice) it's not ethical to add one's own links to a wikipedia page. However, as the wingnut who edited my post out seems to be biased, I don't think I'm going beyond the pale to ask that that my readers restore the link.

So... pretty please?