Friday, March 24, 2006

Effortless Superiority

Now teh l4m3 has done it. Spread it around. Pull a story out of your ass or off the top of your head (if you're Jonah Goldberg you can do both in one motion, as it were), post it, and it's the safest bet possible that it'll be better than the smarmy shit-fiction Jeff Goldstein's stunted imagination comes up with, which wingnuts coo and oooh-ahh over as if Borges or Calvino had been reincarnated as a smug RNC-talking-point-spewing cock-fixated* fuckwit.

*Slogging through Steven Green's site recently, I noticed one of his blurbs was by Goldstein and wouldn't you know it.. "Steve Green is to blogging what John Holmes was to enormous penises." The man just can't not constantly think about cock.