Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Duh Duh

Special Ed of Crap 'n Quaaludes blog is miffed at Russ Feingold and Tom Udall. He demands censure!

Wisconsin voters should be ashamed of their Senator. It's bad enough that Feingold is using an extra-Constitutional censure against George Bush in order to bolster his candidacy. Now he has to take his defeatist demands for retreat into the war zone while we're fighting al-Qaeda and attempting to rebuild Iraq into a representative democracy. It's a shameful episode that may not have any equivalent in American history...the two Democrats decided to grandstand on the backs of our troops.

When a normal person thinks of politicians grandstanding on the backs of troops, it's not Feingold and Udall who spring immediately to mind.

Meanwhile, after complaining that the left blogosphere's nastiness to poor Ben Domenech overshadowed its otherwise commendable investigative abilities, Special Ed sobs and accuses the Wonkette crew, who busted him on his hackery, of laziness.