Thursday, March 30, 2006

Blind Squirrels & Nuts

Nobody's wrong all the time. Pat Buchanan is right about imperialism, if for the wrong reasons. digamma is right about Eugene Volokh. Whittaker Chambers was right about Ayn Rand. And George W. Bush, John McCain, and, now I've discovered, John Ashcroft, are right about steroids in baseball:

In the book, Game of Shadows, there is an anecdote about Attorney General John Ashcroft taking personal interest in the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative investigation in the Bay Area. The book traces Ashcroft’s interest to his “rigid views of right and wrong”, his fanaticism for sports, and in particular his love of the Cardinals. His office, the authors write, was full of baseball fans and each wore their fanaticism on their walls.

The office felt these players were cheating the sport, the book says.

“Stan Musial didn’t need steroids,” Ashcroft said to his aides, according to book. “Let me tell you something, back before they were allowed to wear body armor, if some guy was known to be taking drugs like that, you can bet Bob Gibson would give him some chin music.”

(Game of Shadows, p.209)