Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Short Cuts

Sorry; I've been pretty busy, and I still have some pretty major carpentry and re-arranging to do here in my corrugated tin shack farm house before my blogging materials (wtf: my library, I mean) are at relatively easy access. No wingnut all-stars until that happens. Good news is, the rest of my remodeling materials come in this week.

-- As you know, blogger's been bloggered lately. I had added several new links to the blogroll; it didnt take. I'll try again soon.

-- Shorter George Fucktard. Will: Bush's domestic spying is "monarchical", but Congress should okay it anyway.

-- Worst Howard Kurtz column ever? If not, it's in the running for it.

-- William F. Buckley hates democracy. The Hamas situation, though tricky and worrisome, has at least (and probably only) one good consequence: it shows just who has genuine democratic principles. Someone with more time on their hands should keep track of all the "Crusaders For Democracy" who suddenly seem to be abandoning the posture. Remember, folks, bottom-up democracy, no matter how irresponsible, is the single legitimate sort. Naturally, our rulers like the top-down, illegitimate kind -- but not to worry, it's been just as irresponsible. Anyway, why am I telling you this? You can see what's happened in Iraq as well as I.

-- To use the biblical terminology, there's blood on their shoulders, and we should never let the rat bastards forget it.

-- This looks really good. I've not been able to pay attention, but dollars to donuts says it will inspire the ideological and tribalist commissariat to new feats of apoplectic rage. Here's Michael Medved in 3, 2, 1...

-- Neo-liberals suck. Steven Landsburg is a real piece of work, but it's useful to remember that he's merely saying what 99 percent of all neoliberals believe. Relatedly, is there any professional species as crass as economists? Lawyers get all the publicity, but it's economists who really exhibit a "what me worry?" attitude to human misery. And it's always been that way. I could really explode into a wrath-rant here, but must restrain myself. Suffice to say that capitalist economists relish the sacrifice of human lives and well-being to the "inflexibility" of "economic laws" quite as much as any old communist was willing to feed humanity en masse into chip-shredder of "History". Yes, they are that bad. Now stop to think that libertarians are worse. Shudder.

-- Sometimes I think that Repugs destroy the budget if for no other reason than to force us to the right when we have to clean up their messes. It's just so perfect. After Reagan, there was no money to do shit: Ronnie had his cake and ate it too, in the sense that he got to deficit-spend to make his Pentagon-contractor friends filthy rich while in office, and that very act provided the means to thwart infrastructural and social spending -- lefty government spending -- in the future. Bush has learned the lesson well; borrowing his ass off so we'll have to repay the debt while being prevented from restoring the safety-net he's destroyed with such zeal.

-- A very smart rat (albeit one with a history of extreme hubris and chutzpah) decides to jump the sinking ship P.O.S. Neocon; hatted rodentine hack sneers and snarls in response, morphs into Norman Podhoretz (The Great King Rat) to strike the note of self-pity, engages in projection by accusing the smart rat of selling-out, implies a stab in the back, then goes back to gnaw, as if by tropism, on the keel.