Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I think Andrew might have to consider this moron for a golden winger award.

Approvingly linked to by the Fake Titty Wingnut Bimbot Committee, who manages to call Howard Dean Hitler, say it's only a joke but Dean is still "treasonous" anyway, and give a megadittos to this batshit fucktard all in one post.

Rule # 1 of Peace Movements: They cannot imagine nor confront evil.
Rule # 2 of Peace Movements: They do not care about history.
Rule # 3 of Peace Movements: They are always secretly financed and penetrated by the enemy.

Stellar logic, yes? If Howard Dean is Hitler, then it just follows that Quakers and hippies are Nazis.

Now you'd think that, after calling his enemies Nazis, it'd make sense on so many levels for him not to use a Naziism to finish them off. But no, of course not. Wingnuts can't have that. Wingnuttery is all about taking David Byrne too literally; wingnuttery is about not making sense. So...

It's not a great leap to the Viet Nam War. Because of the "peace movement" at home, we betrayed our allies and the North Vietnamese slaughtered hundreds of thousands of "political enemies."

After that, The Khmer Rouge were emboldened to commit genocide in Cambodia: a million men, women and children were murdered, mostly suffocated with plastic bags. These barbarians knew that America would not interfere, not after Viet Nam. Not after the Peace Movement.

And now the Peace Movement is on the march again.

About Iraq.

About the War on Terror.

God protect us.

And so, the next time you see a "peace demonstration," cloaked in all their moral vanity, keep in mind that these people will probably end up committing mass murder.

That's right, he just made the Stab In The Back argument. And so much else.

As bonus wingnuttery, look at the rules for his comments section.

1. No profanity.

2. No Israel bashing. We debate, we discuss, we are respectful. You know what Israel bashing is. The world is full of it. Seraphic Secret is one of the few places in the world that will not tolerate this form of anti-Semitism.

That's it. Break either of these rules and you will be banned.


1. Fuck you.
2. Criticism of Israel is not anti-semitism, no matter how much Norman Podhoretz wishes that it were so, but I can see why a fuckwit like Avrech would employ such a dishonest and cheap rhetorical tactic. If Avrech and like-minded wingnuts have their way, antisemitism will become so cheapened that they'll have nothing left to call the Neonazis and Holocaust deniers who deserve the term (or, for that matter, the Paul Weyriches and Mel Gibsons who, for some reason -- ahem -- they're so eager to ignore the antisemitism of, and make friends with).