Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Wingnuts, Unbound!

Kevin's found an awesome specimen of Clueless Fucktard Dumb wingnuttery.

Meanwhile, the National Review says:

That juxtaposition — disseminating propaganda even as we build democracy — seems calculated to suggest a conflict between the two activities. But influencing public perception of the fledgling Iraqi government is necessary to achieving the stability without which democracy cannot flourish. The Iraqi media are overrun by anti-American viewpoints; some major newspapers are owned by ex-Baathists, while al-Jazeera and the like transmit their venom via the airwaves. The truly surprising thing would be if our military did nothing to counter these perspectives. To the extent that paying Iraqi newspapers to run positive articles makes an insurgent victory less probable, it does not hinder the cause of democracy, but advances it — and saves American and Iraqi lives in the process.

Cock-headed Man whore squats on Gene McCarthy's corpse long enough to drop a jellybaby of a smear on Cindy Shehan and the "Cut and Run Left".

George F. Will, on the other hand, loosens his bowtie long enough to pretend that he admired a McCarthy other than Joe. Then he re-ties the bow, remembers his True Purpose:

McCarthy's acerbic wit sometimes slid into unpleasantness, as when, after Gov. George Romney, the Michigan Republican, said that briefers in Vietnam had "brainwashed" him, McCarthy said that surely a light rinse would have sufficed. McCarthy's wit revealed an aptitude for condescension, an aptitude that charmed intellectuals but not Americans condescended to.

Actually, what Will objects to is not condescension (how could he, with his "it's axiomatic that I'm smarter than you" schtick?), but that McCarthy was funny. It's a good line; far better than any Will has come up with. Anyway, the real emotional thrust of the article is not about McCarthy, but Will's fear of current Democrats moving Left, as well as the possibility that they (we) might pre-empt the New Hampshire primary with caucuses that might better represent national Democratic demography (in other words, Will is scared that black people might have more of a say about our candidates).

Brent Bozell is still an idiot.