Thursday, December 22, 2005

What Are The Linguistic Roots Of "We Told You So"?

Tresy argues that the wiretapping scandal may end up vindicating that America-hating scumbag antichrist... what's his name, Noam Chomsky. Noooooooo. That's unpossible! He's no good and, furthermore, he's never been any good!

I know this because of the sheer number, and variety, of people that told me so back in the heyday of "anti-idiotarianism". You know, from the well-meaning but cringingly naive, to the crackpot yuppie Glibertarian, to the perenially vile.

The last is hopeless, and the second probably so, but for the first, and the person he quotes, there's simply no excuse. Disagree with the "far" left as much as you like, but when you take batshit wingnuts seriously at the same time, you're setting yourself up for a fall. Now look at where we're at. Mostly because "serious" people were so damn certain that they just knew who the real nutjobs were, and by god, they were not in the White House.