Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Imperium (II)

Inspired by The Poor Man.

George W. Bush:

We used the process to monitor.

But also, this is a different era, different war. It's a war where people are changing phone numbers and phone calls, and they're moving quick. And we've got to be able to detect and prevent.

I keep saying that. But this is -- it requires quick action.

And without revealing the operating details of our program, I just want to assure the American people that, one, I've got the authority to do this

Gaius (Caligula):

Bear in mind that I can treat anyone exactly as I please.

Gaius (Caligula):

Can there really be an antidote against Caesar?

George Mason (Brackets by James Madison):

This government will set out [commence] a moderate aristocracy: it is at present impossible to forsee whether it will, in its operation, produce a monarchy, or a corrupt, tyrranical [oppressive] aristocracy: it will most probably vibrate some years between the two, and then terminate in the one or the other.

Tiberius (to the Senate):

So long as my wits do not fail me, you can count on the consistency of my behavior; but I should not like you to set the precedent of binding yourselves to approve a man's every action; for what if something happened to alter that man's character?

Darth Sidious:

Wipe them out. All of them.

George W. Bush:

The other question was...

QUESTION: Sir, the other...

BUSH: You asked a multiple-part question.

QUESTION: Yes, I did.

BUSH: Thank you for violating the multiple-part question rule.

I didn't know there was a law on that.


BUSH: There's not a law.


It's an executive order.


In this case, not monitored by the Congress.


Nor is there any administrative oversight.


Haha, motherfucker.


Dear me, I must be turning into a god.


At one particularly extravagant banquet [Gaius] burst into sudden peals of laughter. The Consuls, who were reclining next to him, politely asked whether they might share the joke. "What do you think?" he answered. "It occured to me that I have only to give one nod and both your throats will be cut on the spot!"

Haha, motherfucker.

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