Monday, December 19, 2005


Someone's really got her number:

Many of the e-mails I'm getting tonight go something like this one:

Turn your vibrator off before you post next time.


I can't believe the Prudely Den Mother even posted it. But then she complains that, well, Jonathan Chait's vagina was moistened too by Dear Leader's speech, so there.

Pbbbt. Jonathan Chait is the pundit version of Joe Lieberman. Of course he soaked his seat: he's a war "liberal" in thrall of a war-monger. Even if he has "misgivings". Fuck him.

Since I'm getting linked to on the subject of Chait, let me actually deal with his response to the speech.

There's a reason why Kathryn Lopez used Chait as an excuse for her own (obvious even to wingnuts) quivering reaction. Chait's post sucks:

I am not, to say the least, a fan of President Bush. But a portion of his speech tonight genuinely moved me and made me think more highly of him. It was the part where he addressed opponents of the Iraq War, said he understand [sic] their passion but asked that they think of the stakes of defeat now that the war had happened

"Happened"? That Chait interprets the speech with such a euphemism betrays his ..yes, desire (ritual throat-clearing in the first sentence notwithstanding) to come to an understanding with his fellow Crusader, The President.

This may be easy for me to say because I supported the war and oppose withdrawal.

Ya think?

But even Bush's prior pro-war speeches mostly struck me as simplistic, ugly and demagogic, reminders that I supported the war despite the administration rather than because of it.

But the cause was so righteous: the Saddam-bin laden connections, the WMD, the domino theory, it was all good!

Bush and his supporters... have made it so damn hard to support them on this war. It just got a little easier tonight.

If Bush had spit the gobbyiest hocker squarely in Chait's face during the speech, Chait would have still found a way to come to the same conclusion.

For more instances of Chait's suckitude, see here, here, here, here, and here.

Chait's function is to provide an "Even the liberal ______ says..." crutch for wingnuts to balance their bloodlusty opinions on.