Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Check It Out

Because I'm busy right now:

Yeah, sure, Eddie Izzard's act clued me in to the fact that squirrels are more complicated than I'd supposed, but it still didn't prepare me for this. (Via.)

A superwingnut starts, rather prematurely I should think, the Hitchens Is A Backstabber trope. Good luck with that one.

He's back. I can't wait til he resumes the righteous bashing of fake-liberal centrists like Kevin Drum and Sebastian Mallaby again. Pure gold.

It's never prudent to cross Barbara Bush at any juncture.

The suggestion to bomb al-jazeera was apparently broached in front of a (relatively, as far as these things go) large crowd. Good. It'll spill eventually. No matter what stupid laws Tony Blair uses to try to contain the secret.

Yeah, okay. Very nice. Except for Daryn Kagan, the rest of whose lips Fat Pharma must have bitten off (shudder). Kevin recommends Melissa Theuriau, and who wouldn't (aside francophobe wingnuts)? Oh lala elle est fantastique. But, well, I'm partial to a local TV beauty, the smokin hot Donna Davis (not a great picture, however). But, while we're on the subject, who's the gorgeous, vaguely South Asian reporter on CNN? Also, anyone else notice that FOX has more processed-cheese fake blonds than any other network? It's like they've hired their target audience of new-rich, tarted-up yuppie moms, former sorostitutes carrying Neiman-Marcus bags, just stepping out of some air-conditioned mall in a hellhole like, say, Dallas. You know, like Virginia Postrel.