Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Genocide Day!

By all means eat what the Pilgrims ate, but I somewhat advise not following all the way through with their example. So kindly refrain from murdering those who fed you today.

Anyway, here are some festive funnies:

TBOGG's Pajama's Media Blogjam

Escape From The Cornhole

Ted Barlow's Lightbulb Joke Archive

Roy's "Linkage" Parody

Seb's "Thank You America" Video Montage

Ship of Fools

The B-Squad

Xmas Security Threats

Lingerie Media

Super Wingnuts

Snotglass's Best


Michael Berube as "David Brooks"

Norbizness Does The Corner

Everybody's Gay?

Keyboard Kommando Komix presents "The Nightmare Before Fitzmas"


Nicotrol for Right Wing Blog Addicts

Save Toby

American Crusade Trading Cards

A Joke


Chimp or Kong?

Sooo Stupid

Terri Schaivo's iPod

TBOGG's Interview

Blogatrol: Booster Shot

"Babes" (source)

The "Two Cow Explanation", and Brad DeLong's version

Keyboard Kommando Komix presents: "Wingnuts of Hazzard"

Bush or Burns?

Calling Spades Spades

G.I. Joe Veterans For Truth

"Soviet" Wrestlers Mourn Reagan

Pick Your Conservative Asshole Reponse

Night of the Living Cornholes


The Britney Spears Guide to Semiconductor Physics

Anyway, that's it for now. I feel too fat to blog much.

If you do decide to murder those who've fed you, remember to follow the excellent example of Glenn Reynolds and blame the victims