Sunday, October 30, 2005

Wingnut All-Stars

It's really hard to pull off. I'm a research junkie -- it's so much easier than writing (an attitude that places me exactly opposite of that lazy sack of shit Jonah Goldberg).

But I am, and have been, working on it. I have book piles everywhere in my room now, and provided that I don't have to go back to the farm soon, the post will come.

Two things I will bleg about, however. I'm not good with a lot of aspects of computing. How does one get blogger to make each post into an individual page? Eh, it's hard to describe -- I dont know the technical jargon. But my blog now, the permalinks, are like Atrios's and Digby's. I'd prefer the permalinks to be like, say, Aunt Jenna's or TBOGG's.

Another thing: I dont have the slightest idea how to do photoshopping. I can reduce pics and clip them, but as far as drawing or combining images, I know nothing.

I'd like to have a pic of an acorn, with chicken's wings attached, superimposed over a baseball, as my "League's logo". Also, I'd like a picture of C3PO with a dollar sign photoshopped on his chest. This, of course, will be the mascot of the "Silicon Valley Randroids" whose members, if you must know, include the insane Dr. Peikoff, Jane Galt, Amber Pawlik, Alan Greenspan, and Sarah of Trying To Count.

Anyone who can do this for me, or teach my software-illiterate ass how to do it, will get full credit.

"Philadelphia Phucktards" should be the Phillies' "P" with something wingnutty in place of the baseball in the center (a small yellow elephant, perhaps). And I need, for the Pittsburgh Pom Poms, a pic of a cheerleader with pom poms photoshopped over the Union Jack.

When I make the post(s), the pics will be fairly small: say, something like 150x150.

Again, if you can help me, you'll get credit. Maybe one of my three or four readers has some skillz?

Also, do any of you -- Cap'n, Michael, vermonster, anyone -- want the keys to this place? I may have to go back for a while, and regardless of that I just dont post enough to keep the traffic I occasionally get. Email or reply in comments and I'll try to figure out the process.