Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Play Ball

MLB playoffs began today; my Cardinals won (apologies to TBOGG, a Padres fan since the days of Nate Colbert).

Here's what I'd like to see:
White Sox defeat Red Sox
Angels defeat Yankees
Cardinals defeat Padres
Braves defeat Astros

White Sox defeat Angels
Cardinals defeat Braves

Cardinals defeat White Sox

But it wont happen that way; I think the Angels could win it all. It wouldn't hurt my feelings to see the White Sox win it all (not only are they long due -- I like parity -- but it would be another dagger to the psychotically masochist hearts of Cubs fans worldwide, and I'm all about giving the people what they want, assuming the subhuman drunken fucktards and Trixie-yuppie "baseball fans" of Cubs Nation qualify as people), but I think they'll choke somehow.

I hope the Braves squeak by the Astros; Houston's the only team I fear right now and I'd rather not have the Cardinals face them.

Losing Al Reyes is gonna hurt. Right on cue, the bullpen stunk it up today -- thank God we had a big enough lead to begin with.

I didn't really mind it that Boston won last year. I was even sort of happy though they beat the Cardinals to do it. But fuck off, already -- I'm tired of the Sox. No, it's not to Yankees-fatigue level, yet, but still.

The Cardinals are a real worry. I don't care what they say, something's wrong with Pujols. George Will could pitch better than Ray King and Jason Marquis have of late. We're really gonna miss Rolen now. Morris sucks ass. I hope they pull their shit together.

Anyway, speaking of baseball and wingnuts like George Will, here's a link for the new people:

2005 Wingnut All-Stars.

Enjoy. And yes, longtime readers, I'm still working on the comprehensive follow-up. I may be able to get through with it before the World Series is over, but no promises.