Saturday, August 20, 2005

Y'all Come Back Now, Ya Hear?

I have to take a hiatus from my irregular blogging and wingnut all-star research; I'm going home to help my relatives harvest rice.

If you have the bad taste to link to my blog, you should probably re-think your life I ask that you keep the link up. I'm not abandoning this thing. I'll just be away from computers for about a month.

Remember to wear the "you're on the other side" slur as a badge of honor. The same was said of Howells, Twain and James on the occasion of the Spanish-American War; of Kier Hardie on the Boer War and WWI; of Dr King and Dr Spock on Vietnam. Whenever VD Hanson offers a specious historical analogy, remember those that truly fit. Whenever the fascist pricks sling the traitor accusation, remember our predecessors who weathered the same libels.

Bye for now.