Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Site Update

Sorry for the light posting. I'm trying to get my shit together for school because if I don't my sorry ass will have to pull a grain cart through rice paddies very soon. I'd rather be in class.

Some random stuff:

I want to post on CAFTA.

I have a post brewing on the awesome vileness of Cubs fans, who are the real scum of humanity, the only group that gives kitten-stabbing Nazi child-molestors a good name.

Krugman wrote a good column the other day on wingnut thinktank-created disinformation campaigns, the thrust of which rightly laid the ultimate blame for global warming denial and like Lysenkoisms squarely at the feet of one Irving Kristol. I want to blog about that in detail, too.

Vermonter sent me David Brooks's latest outrage (great pick) but I can't do it justice. Sadly, No! demolished it, though.

I still have to write the Shelby Foote tribute.

All this I want to do. And hope to do, but who knows when.

As for 2005 Wingnut All-Stars... man. I'm serious as hell about it. It will get done and I've been researching it steadily with what time I've had. Just as a for instance, I have over 40 links to different exhibitions of and commentaries on Niall Ferguson's wingnuttery; does that give an idea on how comprehensive I aim to be?

I've read every post the Poor Man has ever written. The whole archive. Good stuff in there. Also, surprising stuff. I hadn't known that he was such an anti-idiotarian type in the early days. That's okay though; everyone flirts with the dark side.

Anyway, I just want to say that I'm not dead, nor have I abandoned the blog. I have been working, but I've had less time and otherwise have been stressed out (and distracted: I'd forgotten how musical spoken Polish sounds -- longtime readers will know what that means) to feel like blogging very much.

My best prediction for now: light blogging throughout the month.

ADDED: Oh yeah, all this is not to say that content wont be posted -- it just wont be my own. I'll probably copy out some extended quotations here to reference later for the Wingnut All-Stars. For instance, Hitchens wrote two annihilating essays on Paul Johnson, only one of which is online. Might as well cite the best parts of the other as well.