Saturday, July 23, 2005

Progress Report

I'm so not bludging! The previous post was a lie: I've actually been working hard. But I'm paying my dues for being such a procrastinating fucktard for so long.

The deal is: I'm sorting 3 years of bookmarks stored in three folders, into dossiers of individual wingnuts and wingnut fellow-travellers, as well as into "issues" folders for those news items of pertinent interest. I needed to do it anyway, but I also want the next Wingnut All-Star installment to be truly encyclopedic, and this is the only way to make it so (well, that, and by stealing links from Sadly, No!).

So, anyway, if you've only come here for that, try again ..oh, say, next Friday.

As for the regular readers, all three of you, I'm going to lightly blog until I finally cough up the big post.