Tuesday, July 26, 2005

As Tumbleweeds Blow By

Don't you just love it when wingnuts point out what they think is humorous? Of course we know what they think isn't funny: The Onion and parodies of The Corner are two examples.

Now look at what they regard as thigh-slapping. Here's Aunt Jenna, who rolls her eyes at the Junior Pod Person's idea of Wildean wit, while TBOGG dons a biohazard suit to spray industrial fungicide on the wingnut blogosphere's Yoest infection of Proper Humor Studies.

What both Yoest and Pod regard as the acme of hilarity draw, from a normal audience, cricket-chirping silence. Lame.

Added: I admit my take on this is lame: I just wanted to say "Yoest infection". And stretched to make it work. Not very funny, I admit. But better than wingnut "humor".