Friday, June 10, 2005

Umm, No

I can't tell if if digamma is more worried about marajuana legalisation, or the repeal of the New Deal.

Are the Drug Laws truly the fault of the New Deal, just because the court rationalises upholding these laws on commerce clause grounds?

I'm thinking that it's very convenient for digamma to lay the blame in that direction.

Personally, I think most Drug Laws spit at the spirit and letter of the 4th Amendment and should be repealed federally. Fuck states' rights. Most drug laws, I said -- I can't go the pure libertarian route of cocaine vending machines.

The WSJ, suddenly compassionate, blames liberals more explicitly. (Read the comments, they are good.)

Both ignore the massive sociological and historical evidence of what was truly behind the legislation of the Drug Laws. And who was the first modern President to get tough on drugs? After a relaxed period, who was the second? Hmm? Then which pseudo-liberal President had a druggie brother and therefore was a real authoritarian when it came to Drug Enforcement? Whose network shows that awful Lieutenant Banal hosting and relishing other cops chasing down shirtless minorities and white trash who are slandered as "evil" because they allegedly do drugs? Whose First Bag made a catch phrase of "Just Say No"? Which party is in deepest cahoots with the incarcerations industry? Which party most loves to legislate morality on a Protestant basis? Who gets the biggest kick out of punishing the sinner? What industries most benefit from the criminalisation of marajuana? Which party is historically closest to those industries? Which party and ideology made constant war on the psychedelic drug-fueled counterculture movement? What party opposed the repeal of Prohibition?

On the other hand, I agree wholeheartedly with this, but then I suppose it's impossible to slough that one off on the New Deal.