Sunday, June 05, 2005

There's Logic To Their Madness

Are wingnuts crazy? Well, yes. Duh. But are working class Republicans insane in the same way? Not really, according to Paul Parker, who guest-blogged at Rodger A. Payne's site to critique this Slate article by Timothy Noah:

an adaptive response to a terrifying reality. And one of the ways we deal with that terror is to reinforce our cultural norms; an obvious way to do that is to punish transgressors.

(Read the whole thing, it's difficult to get a suitably snippy quote from it.)

So let me get this straight: because these people have been inspired by such fear, they have become reactionary, intolerant of ambiguity, and this is manifested not only with regard to pro-war sentiments, but with regard to social issues as well, which many obviously put above their own economic concerns -- therefore, they voted for Bush?

If the above is a reasonable interpretation of Parker's critique, then I think I buy what he's selling.

More to the point, I think Karl Rove believes it, too. Which is why he tries to keep the fear going.