Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Shorter National Review of June 6, 2005

Victor Davis Hanson:

Fair warning, liberals: if we don't kill 'em all over there, we'll suffer another 9-11, and it'll be all your fault.

Hanson knows what sectarian buttons to push, and has a hard-on for conventional war. Cruise missile strikes and the "criminal justice" treatment is for pussies; Hanson wants genocide, and now, dammit.

Warren Bell:

My prudishness is so great that it overrides greed: TiVo away, good people, and I'll accept the economic consequences.

That was big of him.

Kathryn Jean Lopez:

An in-house wingnut won an award given by another wingnut organization for breaking the UN Oil-For-Food scandal, now watch me get in my jabs on the subject without once mentioning that Corporate America, for which I am ever-willing prostitute, profited hugely from that very scandal.

A Who's Who of wingnuts in this one, all heroes, of course, to K-Lo.

Myrna Blyth:

Kids these days...

The tirade of the old, a conservative classic.

Taylor & Van Doren:

Sorry, conservatives, but gas isn't expensive because of environmentalists or government regulation. Rather, it's expensive because global demand is high.

CATO says: inflation, what us worry? To be fair, for once their religious (market) explanation is probably correct.

William F. Buckley:

When I learned of some Nixon underlings planning nasty things, I acted, but my action didn't destroy a President, which is more than that snitch Mark Felt can say.

What did Buckley do? He says he didn't believe there was a real danger -- could he mean he did nothing? The wicked old tease won't say. As for Buckley's claim that a Nixon underling was planning to kill journalist Jack Anderson: it was Gordon Liddy, it's true, and I'll blog about it soon.

Jonah Goldberg:

The EU referendum failed, and while I can and will gloat over it fatuously and facetiously, US politicians probably shouldn't.

The Pilsbury Pantload (TM, Norbizness) is in typical form here. For Goldberg, it's irrelevant whether a oui or non would have been a good choice for Europeans: what matters is that if the ouis won, America would have had competition on the superpower scene. He can't resist from closing with a stave of paternalism and all-around cheap shot, telling the Euros that he hopes their egos can take it when we have to save them from themselves again.

This is the sort of typical Goldberg shit-argument that, along with his whining chickenhawkery and pro-torture stance, makes it where any insult aimed toward him is fair and just.

Larry Kudlow:

Chris Cox being appointed to the SEC is a godsend for we kleptocrats who have been unfairly stiffled by post-Enron regulation


Rich Lowry:

Planned Parenthood, because it objects to the Indiana Attorney General's desire to determine whether girls under 14 have had abortions, is objectively pro-child molestation -- and, ultimately, this is all Britney Spears's fault.

Save the children! Anything, anywhere, anyhow to make abortions more difficult to get.

Jay Nordlinger:

Check this out for a clusterfuck of wingnuttery: Robert Byrd sucks, muslims hate us and can't wait to do another 9-11, pie-throwers have a lot of chutzpah, but are they lefties or paleocons, and is there a difference anyway? Jimmy Carter sucks, he messes up elections. Vietnam was a righteous crusade.

Fuck it, I can't do this conglomerate of shit justice.

Bonus Victor Davis Hanson:

Jared Diamond may have a point with an example like Easter Island, but his goofy determinism doesn't apply to the Western world -- for instance, he's completely insane about Australia, which because it embraces free trade and foreign investment, will never degrade its environment.

Oh, Jebus. Wingnut "historians" can never accept the facts about determinism. Hanson, in claiming that Diamond is fudging his arguments by using small, outlier cultures as examples, replies by citing the Aztecs and Egyptians as evidence to the contrary. Aztecs! Second to the Maya, the poster child civilisation for overintensification and resource-depletion which caused institutionalised violence and degradation (Aztecs dealt with their crises through war and human sacrifice; the Maya simply imploded.). And ancient Egyptians? "Overcentralization", which Hanson cites as the "true" reason for their demise was actually related to the very agricultural-intensification practices that determinism explains. Hanson doesn't understand "the hydraulic trap".