Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Shorter Gary Clyde Hufbauer & Paul L. E. Grieco

The Payoff From Globalization:

By attributing every single technological and social advance in the last 60 years to free trade, we can easily make the case that anyone opposed to CAFTA is a luddist fucktard.

Citing opposition to CAFTA from Sugar Barons while not mentioning the embargo of Cuba is a little disingenuous. But then the whole article is that way: the American citizen apparently owes everything he is and owns to the virtues of free trade! It's easy to cite computer models that say free trade has made the country more money than what the predictions say would have been made with protectionism. What the authors don't want to say is just who made that money, regardless of whether it was "extra" or not -- no, it's easier to say that free trade in this time period has "translated into gain in annual income of about $10,000 per household." Yeah, tell that to a family farmer or a texile worker or a steel miller. And be careful not to mention the environmental and labor issues with regard to the exported industries. One-sided essays are perfectly fine, but this is pathetic.