Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I'm Not Done Yet

Just to clarify:

Raich and Kelo aren't that bad. The Commerce Clause should be "big" and eminent domain must be in the government's power. The principles are fine.

The specifics suck, of course. But it only means that we need to fight this stuff on the legislative front, which is exactly where it belongs.

With regard to the specifics of Kelo, we now have a poster child for the affect of Big Business on local politics. Through principles that relate to Kelo, we can fight this via a counterattack, or, otherwise, simply by grassroots campaigns for good goverment (which we should be doing anyway).

With regard to the specifics of Raich, parodoxically, we now have a "means" by which to address the medical marajuana/drug decriminalisation issue nationally. This has to be done at the federal level, and with the coming post-Watergate-esque reaction to the Police Torture State, our chances will be better than they have been since the original post-Watergate era.

Right now, the political culture is very much authoritarian. But, with Iraq and with all the Bush corruption and depravity coming out, the pendulum will swing the other way. The late 00s will be very much like the late 70s: culturally "permissive", fascists forced underground, political and governmental dirty tricks at relative minimum. Unfortunately, the economy, thanks to Bush's insanity, will also resemble that era's. I'll take it, though.