Tuesday, June 21, 2005

He's Pre-emptive!

Local blogger autoegocrat shares a juicy Limbaugh quote:

Let me tell you something, folks, if we are hit again [with a terrorist attack - R.], if we are hit again, we need to hold these people in our country who are undermining our efforts responsible. It ain't going to be the FBI's fault next time. It isn't going to be the CIA's fault next time. It isn't going to be some bureaucracy's fault next time. It's going to be the fault of politicians, left-wing groups and the like who have names and identities and spend their every waking moment trying to obstruct our ability to secure intelligence information for our own national security.

You want some names: [Sen. Patrick] Leahy [D-VT], [Sen. Joseph R.] Biden [D-DE], [Sen. Richard J.] Durbin [D-IL], [Sen. Barbara] Boxer [D-CA], [Sen. Edward] Kennedy [D-MA], [Senate Majority Leader Harry] Reid [D-NV], Newsweek, Time, The New York Times, Amnesty International. If we get hit again, these are the names of the people and organizations we need to look at when we're trying to find out why and how it happened.

That must be the best "stab in the back" bit of scapegoating since Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell laid the blame for 9-11 on homosexuality and abortion, yet Limbaugh is beyond even these louts in that such a second attack hasn't even happened. Like his Dear Leader, then, Rush is pre-emptive.

autoegocrat makes all the right points; read his post.

Relatedly, Wolcott has found a wingnut "stab in the back" argument that gives Limbaugh's, Robertson's and Falwell's some genuine competition.