Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Al-Qaeda? Pssh, The FBI Has Bigger Fish To Fry

Like animal rights and environmental groups:

Violence by environmental and animal rights extremists against U.S. drug makers has increased so much in recent years that it's currently the
FBI's top domestic terrorism issue, a top agency official says

Well, if the unthinkable happens, it won't be Leftists' fault after all.

The mind reels at "what if?" analogies.

It would be.. as if the CIA had said that the biggest communist threat was from Albania. Or, like the US Marshals saying that the biggest threat to law & order is the removal of mattress labels. Like the DOE saying that the biggest hinderance to education is the chewing gum stuck under school desks. Like Ann Coulter saying that "her" top concern is pastry-chucking liberals and not the syphilis spirochete that swims through "her" own brainstem. Oh, wait...

Anyway, a few comments:

-- This is the Bush creeps' message to Big Pharma: we're with you all the way.

-- I hate PETA types, and regard them as a considerable annoyance, but they aren't fucking terrorists. The FBI's domestic terrorism concerns should be over the abortion clinic-bombing American Taleban, or over the White Supremacist fucktards out west. Naturally, these folks are too close to Important Republican Constituencies, so that ain't gonna happen.

-- As these "terrorists" have attacked property and not people (admitedly, there is a "so far" element to that statement, but then their attacking people is not the inevitability that wingnuts claim), the philosophy therefore exhibited by the "reformed" post 9-11 Bushie FBI is one of militant Friedmanism -- by which I mean that it radically (via a bastardisation of Locke) asserts that property rights are not just equal to civil rights but are indivisible from them. Pushed to its logical extreme, it means that attacking the neighbour's shrubbery, say, is morally equivalent to attacking their person. Of course, that such people equate humanity with human possessions just shows what crass and depraved fuckwads they are, but then we are talking about the libertarian strain of Republicanism, here, so it's very fitting. Yes, the old socialist adage is true: the ruling class really does care more about property than people.

-- It might as well be said: al-qaeda and Osama bin Laden are the ultimate, in both the political and literal sense, cash cows for the spooks and Republicans. Would it be too tacky for me to mention that a certain interest is served by Porter Goss's laughable foot-dragging and fretting over Pakistan's sovereignty, and by the FBi's choosing to emphasise the environmentalist and animal rights groups over all others?