Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Shorter Tom Friedman

C.E.O's, M.I.A.

I resent that Big Business, after forcibly exporting its unsustainable model on the rest of the world, has not requested even more corporate welfare at home.


What the hell happened to the corporate-government marriage that produced such successful enterprises as the I.M.F. and the World Bank, and such treaties as NAFTA?

You shouldn't worry, Tom.

See also: TBOGG, who catches Friedman slyly employing the tactics of the advertising industry.

Related: Everyone's already read them, but of course Friedman was recently destroyed by Taibbi and bitchslapped by the Guardian (for a not so recent Friedman-thrashing, see here). But I still have a question: Why does Tom Friedman think he can rip-off Kansas? Of course Tom Friedman long ago reached the Point of No Return. Must he be so insufferably coy in admitting it?