Friday, May 27, 2005

The Shorter Kenneth Baer

Security Measures:

Liberals had better become more hawkish or I'll turn into Norman Podhoretz.

Go ahead, fucker. Why should anyone respond to that sort of tribalist blackmail?

See Matthew Yglesias, whose larger argument is at least equally fatuous (which I'll get to later):

Baer offers a very strange reason for doing it -- that this step is necessary to halt the erosion of Jewish support for the Democratic Party. All else being equal, of course, halting said erosion is a good thing. But it'd be mighty odd to orient one's entire approach to national security for that reason. Among other things, erosion of Jewish support for Democrats isn't really a huge problem. The areas where Baer sees it happening -- New York City, Northern New Jersey, some inner NYC suburbs -- just aren't vulnerable terrain. It's almost impossible to imagine a scenario where Democrats lose an election because they lost New York (which is to say that if they lose New York, they'll have lost enough other stuff that winning New York wouldn't have won the election). The reason to do what Baer suggests is that it's right on the merits.