Saturday, March 05, 2005

A Present

For those who, during these sad times, miss the man all Arkies of a particular age call "Dad", I offer this photo taken in our apartment's living room.

Nevermind how I acquired it; sufficient to say that it was years ago and in a drunken blur.

Without fail, it gets a laugh from visitors.

Richard Brautigan wrote of a future world in which we'd be "all watched over by machines of loving grace". My apartment is watched over by a sign of graceless, homely sheetmetal. But it brings back a nostalgic feeling; and day by day Dad's era looks better and better by comparison, even for someone like me who was frequently enraged by his stupid triangulations and his Kevin Drum-esque version of liberalism.

So far, I'm pleased to report, the couch across from it and the tiles below it remain free of any crusty residue; it seems to be free of Clintonoid poltergeists. Knock on wood.