Sunday, February 06, 2005

Jonah Is The Whale

Yeah, you already know about the whole flame war between Juan Cole and "Jabba The Hack", with Cole being crowned champ and Goldtard left looking as if a cigar had exploded in his face.

Norbizness has the blow by blow account.

Nevermind that Goldberg was exposed as an idiot and a big fraud who poops in his pants, the real fun began when he offered his excuse for being a chickenshit.

But aside even that, it's worth remembering that Jonah The Whale has Moby Dick pretentions; you see, Jonah's a white whale, and all the evidence at hand shows that he doesn't like black people (who with the exception of Nell Carter do not usually resemble cetaceans as does our bloated rightwing hack).

With all my mixed metaphors and petty insults, what I'm trying to get at is that despite his "it's just a joke" excuses, Jonah Goldberg might be a well, you decide:

In February Goldberg celebrated Black History by reposting an old column called "Black History Month: Why?", in which he anecdotally anguished over the preponderance of Black History courses versus, well, the other kind at Brown University. "And yeah, yeah," he did admit, "Brown may not be representative," before getting a few yuks out of funny-sounding phrases from black academe like, "a critical race theorist (sorry, I don't know if I'm supposed to capitalize that; I think capitalized letters are tools of the pale penis people)."

There's more; it needs to be considered as a whole.

I've had my own fun cutting Goldtard down here, here, and here.

Update 2/7/05 : The Pudgy Pundit replies to Cole in a "Goldberg File", which is like the Rockford Files, but with more Crisco and less deductive reasoning. My insults follow here.

Another update 2/7/05: Jack Fowler, who must have drawn the shortest straw at the Corner this week, actually posts this in trying to sell NRO cruises:


Oh, it could happen. Whales often beach en masse, and it's likely that others would respond to Jonah's blowhole's gasping bleats as our whaler Professor Cole continues to butcher the carcass and we all collectively warm our hands to the campfire.