Monday, February 07, 2005

From The Prude-ly Den Mother


You have to roll your eyes a bit as the Washington Post describes the Super Bowl as "chaste" last night. The paper carries several exasperated yawns about "sexagenarian" Paul McCartney performing. But the great thing about it is how it put the focus properly on the football. That's what the NFL needed to do this year, after tarting up its proceedings with Britney Spears and Nicolette Sheridan with Terrell Owens. Oh, and Alicia Keys singing "America the Beautiful" was terrific, in case you missed it.

Remember she is the one who makes sure even the word "ass" is partially redacted on Cornertard posts. And "focus on football", my ..well, ass. She's just happy that the extraneous entertainment conformed to her puritan tastes. She hopes the trend will continue and eventually half-time shows will consist of thirty-minute prayers for aborted fetuses intermittently punctuated with cheerleaders in ankle-length skirts and baggy sweaters handing out pamphlets on the joys of abstinence.

And what's a little monday morning kulturkampf-quarterbacking without a sneer at feminists:

I was about to thank Janet Jackson for managing to take all attention away from the old women-are-abused-by-men-during-the-Super-Bowl myth. But, alas—it’s still out there.

Alas. Hehindeed.

Or a snarl at the 60s:

Some baby boomers shook their heads in disbelief last night at the realization that the ultimate legacy of the Fab Four is “safe” entertainment.

Sorry, but Paul McCartney on his own was always ear-candy for K-Lo types. Nothing's changed. The ultimate legacy of Wings is to be safe entertainment. The ultimate legacy of the Beatles is something else altogether, hence K-Lo's witless antipathy.