Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Blog Clog

Absentee, in comments to the last post, asks what the hold up is here, why do I not post more?

Breaking my year-long silence.

Retardo, when will you start posting regularly again? You have a niche (from my perspective) to fill. I've been telling my friends and associates for a year now to visit your site for smart liberal snarkiness. You are the liberal radical that conservative radicals can appreciate. History expert. Good writer. I have tried to avoid posting here because I didn't want to come off self-promoting. I'd rather be just a reader.

But the question has to be asked. Are these prolonged absences forever to plague the most intelligent liberal blog online?

When showered with such compliments, how can one not respond? Since my other two regular readers are well-appraised of my life's current circumstances, this reply is all for you, Dear Absentee.

I'm trying to post more regularly. Actually, I had meant for my comeback to be steady, but was sidetracked by the awesome and awful task, nearly complete now, of cataloging my library at Biliophil. The job was messy (stacks, piles, and more stacks), and once begun necessitated a concentration of resources. Add to that my obligations as student as well as the rather embarassing fact that I now have a TV next to the computer ..and the pull of the Family Guy DVD boxed sets sometimes distracts me even when I do have time to blog. But, really, it's the fault of bibliophil and French class that I havent blogged this past week.

As for the future, I'm not sure. I'm obligated to periodically go home to the farm, though that shouldn't happen again until this summer. When I'm there, No Blogging. So I'm hesitant to promise anything.


I'm learning French so that I might use it in conversation to explode the internal organs of freepers, whose idea of a civilised dialect is East Texan Pig Latin.

I'm not "liberal"; I'm farther left, yet not a communist. By world standards, which are all that matter, I'm a social democrat -- the closest American equivalent being, I suppose, the Greens.

You're too kind. Blogs like TBOGG, Sadly, No!, The Poor Man, and World O'Crap are masters of professionally consistent lefty snark where I am but a dilettante at best.

Serious and snark-free question: How on earth could a person who recommends Ann Coulter as well as a book that claims that anything is "objective" in the Bible read my blog for pleasure? Or is your blog a parody, like Ayn Clouter's?

I'm glad you read my weak stabs at punditry. I'm truly sorry that I dont post more often, not that I do this for anyone but myself. As for your own blog, well, I'm pleased that I can honestly steal H. L. Mencken's compliment for Berkman, Goldman and, IIRC, John Reed, whose politics he loathed just as I loathe yours: "[You] write simple, glowing and excellent English." Believe my sincerity, for I sometimes even become frustrated when I read my old posts and therefore empathise with those who rightly criticise my squittering prose.