Wednesday, January 19, 2005

For The Anal-Retentive Home Librarian*

Anal-retentives in certain professions are no doubt funnier, if more useless, than the ARist hobbiest, even though ARs of any stripe have their moments of hilarity, as in the case of this guy I know who frets over his carpet having a consistent grain.

The side of the spectrum from obsessive-compulsive to anal-rententive to simply super-organised is often a blurry one, but for people who collect things in great quantity, being in that cluster of neuroses is to a large degree an inevitability.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm a sloppy person, but there is ocassionally method in my madness; there was with my stamp collections as a child, with my baseball cards as a pubescent, and in my books as an adult. With an urge to organise, there comes a point where one needs help.

Which is why I'm pleased to recommend Bibliophil, a site similar to Guzzlefish, except for books rather than dvds and music cds.

I've only catalogued about 250 titles so far, which is barely a scratch, but it seems to work fine. The site is loosely affiliated with amazon in the sense that it uses their ISBN system and their images. So far I've come up with no match with several older titles, so collectors of antiquarian books are pretty much screwed. But, assuming your stash is fairly modern, for keeping track of what you have, and what you loaned out (which is a really good feature), this site is pretty nifty.

This post is dedicated to T-gun, fellow bibliophile and all purpose Literature Girl.

* -- Surely a redundancy.