Thursday, January 20, 2005

Am I Not A Man? No! I Am A RETARDO!

..except I cannot find the right flower pot.

Yes, this is me in all my DEVO-esque seriousness. Is my photo as smarmy and pretentious as Michael J. Totten's? Yay or nay in comments, please.

Also feel free to insult me. Feel even more free to insult Totten -- or any other gorgeous rightwing nutcase.

At any rate, if there's a next time, instead of wearing an admittedly and intentionally stupid vintage snap-button rockabilly short-sleeve, I'll wear a suit, since dressing like a real estate agent (yeah, you know what Onion article I'm thinking of) makes those who propose to saccharinise colonialism and pat euros on the back for being the world's greatest killers (oh but only in the case of demographic armageddon!! wink nudge) ever so much better salesmen -- assuming, of course, that I'd wish to sell such nasty things.

** Edit: correction of fashion error. hehndeeed.