Thursday, November 04, 2004

Have It Your Way

Many are gloating, and I'll get to them later, believe me, but let me offer these words of encouragement.

This happened before, in 1972. The President then was nearly as scandalous and dirty as the current one; he was also just as hateful and hated. Though it took a Democratic Congress -- a luxury we don't have -- to really topple Richard Nixon, he was so discredited that many of his supporters promptly and judiciously discovered amnesia, and claimed to have voted for McGovern. Nixon was toast. Bush could very well be; even though we don't have the means to impeach him by law, we can do it in the nation's political consciousness.

It'll take "hard work", though. We need to do exactly what we've been doing, and we can do it even better because we're not trying to get someone elected at the same time. By which I mean, we stay on this adminstration's back twentyfour-seven.

They just thought we were snarky, vitrolic, hateful and "obstructionist" before. They ain't seen nothing yet, if we're smart and persevere. It's the same principle that was effected on Stratego Den Beste: wear him down and wear him out, because he's stupid and menacing, and it's the right thing to do. Eventually, he cracked and quit blogging. Only now is he starting to come out of it. No, it's not the same thing, but it's a useful analogy.

We, the anti-Republicans, the civilised, the reality-based, must watch this adminstration like a hawk and show absolutely no mercy when the scandals unfold and the idiots do something -- as they inevitably will -- that is stupid, depraved, and concentrated evil. Yes, merciless. They gave no quarter, and the time is long gone where we had the luxury of turning the other cheek. Fuck them and feed 'em fish heads.

Pat Buchannon famously declared a cultural war during the Republican National Convention of 1992. Everyone laughed or was dutifully disgusted. Buchannon was marginalised as much as possible but still hurt their ticket. But the Republicans quietly heeded Buchannon's call, and the effects were demonstrated with their base's turnout in this election.

So fine, it is a cultural war then, so let's treat it like one. Fascist theocracy menaces US in a far more dangerous (because it'll wreck the constitution in a way a suicide bomber never could) way than any jihadist could manage. Like most "isolationists" I believe in cleaning one's own house before presuming to clean someone else's. Ashcroftism and Bushism needs wiped from the face of America. I have plenty of Lysol, an exorcism kit, some sponges, and a fucking hell of a lot of inspiration. I'm willing to start scrubbing, and I'm willing to be emphatic and ruthless about it.