Tuesday, October 05, 2004


I'm a little busy today, so for now light blogging, which, considering that I'm gonna have to meet with an advisor and choose classes this week, may continue for a few days.

But anyway, here are a couple articles to read before tonight's debate. Notice that the Repugs (Ms Matalin, in particular) are trying to make Cheney the underdog.

I see that the Wall Street Journal is still the worst ever national newpaper; the print counterpart to Limbaugh.

This may be more important than any poll. And we win this sort of thing every time; our people are more apathetic. We always had and always have the majority, it's just getting people involved that was hard. But who can blame them?

Republicans = Corporate Whores. Proof in the NYT.

That's it for a few hours. So go read some of the fine blogs listed on the left.