Saturday, October 09, 2004

Philip K. Dickless

Boing Boing catches the AP manipulating the fabric of space-time to give Bush a victory in November.

AP says it was a "test". Yeah.

I wonder if the Jackasses of "Liberty" at Randian Reason will be all over this as much as they were over Lewis Lapham for his accurate precognizance of the Republican National Convention, which, after all, was evident to anyone who read the platform and knew the personalities, and was a part of an editorial, all of which were quite lost on those wily Libertarians who bandied their "triumph" like a regicide holding a severed head, and who in turn quickly passed on the glory to the conservatarians at Volokh's. But then they have always seen Lapham as an enemy where the timeline-flaunting AP's victor, Bush, is merely a fellow-traveler gone incompetent. Put another way, Bush, whatever his fiscal faults in their eyes, still favours the McDonaldisation of the World by force (whether implied and structural, or overt and violent), where Lapham does not, and I'm thinking that's quite enough for them not to be "outraged" at the principle of that AP story.